Cost: $1500 (2031 and Up), $1100 U9

Summer '23 Projected Teams:

U9, 2031, 2030, 2029, 2028, 2027, 2026 (Red/Black), 2025, 2024

Remaining Roster Spots:

U9 - Full, 2nd Team - All Positions

2031 - All Positions

2030 - Defense, Faceoff Midi

2029 - Attack, Defense, Faceoff Midi

2028 - All Positions

2027 - Attack, Midi, Goalie

2026 - Full

2025 - Faceoff Midi, Defensive Midi

2024 - Faceoff Midi, Close Defense/LSM

Summer Tournament Schedule:

  1. ATL Opener, Kennesaw, GA - June 3-4
  2. NXT Summer Jam/Southern  Invitational, Marietta GA - June 10-11
  3. Asheville Classic, Asheville, NC - June 17-18

Player Assessment and Team Assignment Policy Goals:

Specific goals driving the Club’s Player Assessment and Team Assignment policy are as follows:

  • Create and maintain grade-level programs focused on teaching fundamental skills and providing challenging competition appropriate for the players' age, skill and athletic level.
  • Staff and direct the appropriate number of teams based upon the number and skill level of the participants.  This includes teams ranging in skill from “recreational/developmental” to “highly competitive/highly skilled” as offered by the regional and state lacrosse governing organizations.
  • Foster positive team concepts while building individual player skills.
  • Create a challenging, engaging, learning environment where players of differing levels of skill and physical development can learn and enjoy the game of lacrosse.
  • Provide equal attention and support to all participants.
  • To engage adults and experienced high school players to coach and mentor the Club’s players and teams.